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Truck Side Alarm camera Visual System for Blind Area

Lintech & Kysail introduces its active camera and ultrasound radar detection system, to reduce the truck’s side blind area and increase safety. The turn assist system actively alerts the driver when cyclists, pedestrians or other road users are present in the blind spot of the truck. Therefore increases the safety of vulnerable road users in urban environments.

The blind spot warning system consist of a combination of ultrasound detector signals, audio signals and camera images. Furthermore, a monitor overlay indicates on the strategically placed 7” display that there is someone in the blind spot. Lintech & Kysail provides visual and audible alerts for drivers as soon as other road users are detected in the truck’s detection zone on the passenger side.

Advanced camera- and detection system to increase safety on the passenger side, a camera is mounted on the side of the vehicle covering the blind spot zone next to the truck.

There 4 short range detectors are mounted on or near the rear mudguard. Because the system uses a combination of high quality camera images and radar signals, drivers can rely on two different systems to provide the information they need.

Camera and detectors also work effectively in poor visibility conditions and its rugged design is developed to operate under toughest condition. Having a view of the blind spot means drivers can work easily and confidently and can maneuver with ease in any traffic scenario. This increases the safety of drivers and other road users in the vicinity of the truck.

This system product very popular and mass installed on city construction trucks, and here below share some pictures for your reference.

If want more specification please download the pdf datasheet here.

Truck Side Alarm Visual System for Blind Area

Truck Side camera alarm Visual System for Blind spot